2347 Bugyi, Alsóráda puszta 13.
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2347 Bugyi, Alsóráda puszta 13.
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End-to-end service for trucks, agricultural machinery and cars

Tehergépjármű szerviz Bugyi - Mezőgazdasági gépek szervizelése

Truck, agricultural machinery and car service from assessment to testing at Bugyi, Hungary

Exactly 2 years ago, on 1st October 2021, the Hunland service was opened in Bugyi, Hungary, as part of a greenfield project.
Ferenc Biczó has been running the service from day one, and thanks to the internal processes, modern equipment and knowledgable experts, his team can also service external vehicles in their remaining capacity. In our blog article, Ferenc shares his experiences and the opportunities that have opened.

End-to-end service process

The 150 lorries, 190 cars and 120 agricultural machines, that are needed to transport freight and livestock, already represented a fleet and a significant cost for the Hunland Group that was worth bringing in-house. Opening the service gave us greater focus, precision and flexibility over the servicing process.

We needed a service centre where all the processes, from the technical inspection of the trucks to MOT testing, would be carried out in one place with modern equipments. Our aim was to avoid having to move vehicles and to avoid extra man-hours and logistics for our drivers and support departments in the servicing, maintenance and repair process.

Experience and capacity to service trucks

Thanks to our 2 years of experience, 11 repair stations in our 1600 m2 workshop and 36 highly skilled colleagues, we can also service, inspect, repair and test the electronics and hydraulics of external trucks and agricultural vehicles. Our colleagues work in shifts, therefore the Hunland Service can be open from 7 am to 6 pm on weekdays and from 7 am to 2 pm on Saturdays for external trucks and transport companies as well. We can carry our smaller jobs immediately, while larger repairs can be scheduled in advance, so that truck repairs and MOT testing can be carried out in one place.

Hunland Szerviz - Tehergépjármű és mezőgazdasági gép szerviz

Agricultural machinery repair with outbound service

Repairs of agricultural machinery are not always carried out in our workshop. If a breakdown occurs during agricultural work on the fields, our colleagues will carry out the repair on the spot, if it is possible to repair the machine without transporting it to the workshop. We save time and energy so that agricultural work can continue efficiently.

With our on-site service, we can repair agricultural machinery that break down in the fields in our area.

MOT testing and authentication for cars

Thanks to our free capacity, we can also carry out technical inspections, MOT testing and authentication of passenger cars immediately or within a given day.

From complex to simple – all in one workshop

Thanks to our extensive experience and modern service facilities, we can carry out complex processes end-to-end, without transporting the vehicles. Our team has great expertise in servicing, whether it’s a truck, agricultural machinery or passenger car. We would like to share this expertise with external partners, local farmers and the local population.

Looking for a Service Partner in Hungary?

In case you need an international partner for your vehicles passing through Hungary, the Hunland service will be able to help your company and your drivers on the go.