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2347 Bugyi, Alsóráda puszta 13.
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Road transport

Large capacity, fast response and impeccable work

We pay the same attention to quality service whether it comes to the transport of a one-tonne bull, a pharmaceutical ingredient worth several million euros, or a shipment of corn. Our services are always characterised by large capacity, fast response and impeccable work. At Hunland you will always feel that your goods are top priority for us.

Transport of livestock

We specialize in livestock transport. Our animals always travel on business class to almost anywhere in the world. We always fulfil transport orders reliably and with confidence, even when it comes to large quantities, intermodal animal transport or extremely distant destinations. Our exceptional market position is based on our vast experience and a reliable background for transporting almost all animal species. In addition to cattle transport trucks, our fleet also includes trailers for pig and piglet transport. We also undertake special tasks. We have experience in transporting bears, ostriches, wild boars, bison, buffaloes and deer.

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Bulk and dry goods transportation

We provide transportation services to our own feed factory and our livestock farms, as well as to our domestic and international partners. We have experience in both bulk and single items delivery. Our fleet is comprised of over 40 vehicles, including dump trucks, moving floor vehicles, open trailers, trailers for equipment, and also trucks with special compressors and screw-technology unloading systems. In order to guarantee feed security, our company holds the internationally recognized GMP+ B4 certificate.

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Transport of temperature sensitive cargo and other sensitive goods

For many years the Hunland group has been continuously expanding its transport portfolio, originally used for its meat trade activities. Seeing the reliability of our services, our customers are also trusting us with the delivery of particularly sensitive products such as pharmaceutical ingredients and medicines. As a result, by now part of our fleet has a major role in the transport of pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, another part of our fleet regularly delivers high-value electronic items and hazardous goods subject to a transport permit (ADR).

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