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2347 Bugyi, Alsóráda puszta 13.
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End-to-end process and controlMeat trading

We buy and sell beef, pork, poultry and seasonally lamb all across Europe. Beside the international trading activities, our Hungarian domestic sales are also gaining ground.

We partner with reliable manufacturers that produce high quality products. By transporting livestock to some of our meat suppliers, we can create favourable conditions for our company in the meat trade industry. Although our activity involves mainly meat trading and not manufacturing, thanks to our well-organised system, we manage to achieve strategic positions with many food establishments. We keep our entire commercial process in our own hands, ensuring us full control. Our representatives are always present at the receipt and unloading of goods.

Húskereskedelem - Hunland

Prime quality beef, pork, poultry and lamb

The cattles slaughtered in Hungary are sold primarily in Western Europe, mainly as complete quarters. Our excellent partner, a modern Hungarian slaughterhouse, also holds Russian and Chinese export licenses. We also take part in the trade of beef and pork meat originating from other parts of Europe, as well as in the trade of fresh and frozen quality products, upon request.

In 2011 we introduced poultry in our selection, enabling Hunland to deliver a full range of products to its partners on the international market. We cooperate with almost all domestic poultry processing plants. The good global reputation of Hungarian poultry, along with our decades-long sales experience and independent logistics resources have created a special mix that generates significant exports every year.

Our network of lamb trading partners allows us to meet almost all customer requests, at competitive prices. Continuous standard quality is guaranteed by our stable supplier network.

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Meat transporting

Our logistics team and modern equipment guarantee the delivery of our products to our customers as quickly and safely as possible. Our refrigerator trucks are suitable for hanging, pallet, partition and double-decker transportation.

Húskereskedelem - Hunland
Húskereskedelem - Hunland
Húskereskedelem - Hunland

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