2347 Bugyi, Alsóráda puszta 13.
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2347 Bugyi, Alsóráda puszta 13.
+36 29 548 500

Raw materials - feed ingredients

Sale of grain-based raw materials

The activities of our division are mainly focused on the sale of grain-based raw materials, including extracted soybean, extracted sunflower meal and other by-products extracted from corn and wheat.

We also offer molasses, wet and dry sugar beet slices and other mineral raw materials for animal feed (MCP, dried yeast, baking soda, protected fat, calcium soap).

Takarmány alapanyag forgalmazás - Hunland
Takarmány alapanyag forgalmazás - Hunland

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Hunland - Élőállat kereskedelem - Fenntarthatóság

We strive for sustainability

Hunland - Élőállat kereskedelem - Humánus állattartás

We treat animals with respect

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We build interpersonal connections

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We aim at improving the sector and ourselves