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Növénytermesztés - Hunland

We support the efficiency and competitiveness of the Hunland Group companies with a wide range of agricultural production activities, while always paying attention to animal welfare. All of our production units – crops, feed, milk, cattle and lamb fattening – are equipped with a modern technical and technological background. We pay special attention to optimising our activities in order to maximise efficiency.

ProductionFrom crop cultivation to animal breeding

Areas of expertiseBeing in sync creates efficiencies

Termőterület - Hunland
4000 ha
Tejtermelés icon - Hunland
50000 t
Produced milk in 2022
Táp előállítás ikon - Hunland
60000 t
Feed produced per year
Cow icon - tenyészmarha kereskedelem
50000 pcs
Our mission
Hunland EST 1992
Hunland - Élőállat kereskedelem - Fenntarthatóság

We strive for sustainability

Hunland - Élőállat kereskedelem - Humánus állattartás

We treat animals with respect

Hunland - Emberi kapcsolatokat építünk

We build interpersonal connections

Hunland - Fejlődés

We aim at improving the sector and ourselves

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