2347 Bugyi, Alsóráda puszta 13.
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We will connect you! We provide a modern marketplace, as we are the link between animal breeders and traders!


2347 Bugyi, Alsóráda puszta 13.
+36 29 548 500

Trade of cattle for fattening and slaughter

High quality, wide selection, overseas transport

Single source for buying young cattle for fattening, or cattle for slaughter

Hunland’s mission is to satisfy the needs of all customers, whether they want to purchase young cattle for fattening, or cattle for slaughter. Market analysis clearly shows that our selection of animals is exceptionally wide compared to our competitors, we are therefore able to meet any special requests of our customers.

Purchasing cattle and own cattle farms

Our commercial activities focus as much on purchases as on sales, so that we can offer animals of the best quality. One of our greatest strengths is that we can continuously guarantee high quality by relying on the stock of our own cattle farms, while we also continuously purchase new animals from breeders.

Animal welfare comes first

Thanks to our more than 25 years of experience and to our partnerships, we are able to guarantee animal welfare throughout the entire supply chain – from the selection and transport to the placement of the animals on new farms – resulting in satisfied customers.

We transport cattle worldwide

From our Hungarian sites we can easily reach our  European partners by road, and we use our special vessels to deliver to the Middle East and North Africa. We have an extensive global network of contacts, allowing us seamless shipping – either by boat or plane – as far as South America and Asia.

Hízó- és vágómarha kereskedelem
Hízó- és vágómarha kereskedelem
Hízó- és vágómarha kereskedelem

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We strive for sustainability

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We treat animals with respect

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We build interpersonal connections

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We aim at improving the sector and ourselves